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Discover the Bioparc, the zoo of Valencia

by ExperiencesValencia
Bioparc | Experiences valencia

Do you know closely the behavior of animals when they are in their natural habitat? Visiting the Bioparc you have the opportunity to enjoy the Valencia zoo as a family created with a new concept for the visitor.

What does the Bioparc Valencia offer?

In the Cabecera park this immersion zoo gives you the possibility of knowing the totally wild habitats , because they incorporate the specially created enclosures for the species that enjoy this natural environment.

In your getaways in Valencia you can now discover the wide areas of the zoo that adapt to different types of animals: Equatorial Forest, Savannah, Madagascar and Wetlands.

Discover new experiences in Valencia! Always thinking about the needs of the ecosystem that each species needs, it has been possible to reproduce these environments in Bioparc, where you can also share a good time and rest in their coffee shops.

In addition, you can go to the meeting points and you will have caregivers who will help you learn more about animals and their way of life in this area.

All your plans in Valencia can be perfect by choosing a wonderful enclave for your family and thus discover how the most exotic animals live.

Bioparc | Experiences valencia

Bioparc | Experiences valencia

Bioparc and its main habitats

From the entrance you can appreciate the sculpture of the Elephant Scipio of 8 meters and after buying your tickets or photographing yourself with the gorilla figures at the door, your visit will begin in these areas of the Valencia Zoo:

-Equatorial forest
With different ecosystems that show the contrast between the activity in the forest and the tree vaults, the rainy forests become one of the experiences in Valencia that you will not forget.

-African Savannah
Another of the outstanding areas of this unique environment that brings together large herbivores and plains are the ideal setting for long migrations where you will find a dry and a wet season.

Recreating this island with its flora and fauna offers visitors in their escapades in Valencia about 80% of the endemic species that are located in Madagascar.

-African wetlands
You can now discover the cave of Kitum formed by volcanic rocks, as it exists in Kenya with its mineral salt formations. With crocodiles, cichlid fish and hippos, Uganda’s own environment is represented with its lakes and wetlands.

Contemplate wild animals and nature choosing this visit among your plans in Valencia, now with an interesting option for adults and children that varies in each environment, until it becomes an unforgettable memory.

Finally, you can conclude your day by buying a souvenir in the store when you leave to not forget the route between original birds, flamingos and other animals.

You will know the great family of giraffes, lions, hippos, rhinos and other species that are part of this great show with the exhibits of the animals in their environment performing their daily activities in action.

Bioparc | Experiences Valencia

Bioparc | Experiences Valencia

¡Aves y mamíferos en la naturaleza! Esto y mucho más está a un solo clic en Valencia, muy recomendable para los amantes de los animales y como dato importante, revisa los horarios para quedar con los cuidadores si os interesa aprender más sobre estos enclaves tan diversos.

No lo pienses más y descubre en este gran zoológico el lugar más increíble de la comunidad, disfrutando con los tuyos de un espacio dotado de las mejores condiciones para un paseo totalmente natural y con todas las ventajas de redescubrir a los animales en su día a día.

Te invitamos a conocer el zoo con sus novedades y las múltiples opciones que ofrece este lugar, siempre con personal cualificado para una guía adecuada de las zonas especialmente diseñadas para conocer de primera mano el hábitat natural de todas las especies.