Discover the best routes for running in Valencia

Discover the best routes for running in Valencia
Actualización: 19 September, 2023
Correr por Valencia | Experiences Valencia

Enjoy the best leisure in these vacations, practicing your favorite sports in Valencia during the summer months and do not forget your running shoes during your free time if you are a lover of the routes with natural landscapes.

What are the best routes for running in Valencia?

Choose to live new experiences in Valencia and avoid getting bored on your days off, changing the usual route to go out on the beach and bet on the routes most demanded by tourists.

This summer does not matter how many kilometers you do, but the different areas you can travel, discovering the best routes of this beautiful community. Now you can start tying your shoelaces and enjoy!

Rutas para correr por Valencia | Experiences Valencia

Rutas para correr por Valencia | Experiences Valencia

-Route of Tarongers Avenue
Many students choose this destination for their usual routes, because it is located at the University of Valencia and the Polytechnic University.

Running for the whole family in a proposal of only 2.2 km along this well-known avenue, but if you want to increase your routine you can reach the promenade near Tarongers Avenue.

- Turia Garden Route
Normally it is the most common alternative that is located in a green area, where the Turia River is located, currently called the oxygen lung of the beautiful Valencian city. It has a fascinating circuit that was inaugurated in 2015 with an extension of more than 5 km and has its start at the Bridge October 9 to end in the Gulliver Park.

You can consider this route between your plans in Valencia to get away from the hubbub of the city and perform your routines in a natural environment with adequate terrain for this sport, although if you prefer to continue your tour you can reach the monument of the City of Arts and Science 7.7 kilometers away.

-Route of the Historic Center
Recommended for being a different option has numerous monuments, such as the Central Market and the Serrando Towers, you can always include it in your escapades in Valencia.

Do your internship in this 3.78 km circuit and if you want to continue you can reach the Turia Garden near the central area. On this simple route, the asphalt is not suitable for running, like the one you will find in the Garden, which is why it is advisable to take precaution for the risk of injury.

-Pathwalk Route
Be sure to visit the beaches including this option among your best plans in Valencia, because they are wonders of nature that are discovered throughout the year. While listening to the waves of the sea you can run on a journey of 2.40 km and we advise you to start your tour on the Paseo de Neptuno.

Another recommended section reaches the Marina de Valencia and has 5.25 km on a perfect route to discover this atmosphere at sunset, practicing your sport.

-Route of the South Boulevard
Walking along the extensive Tres Cruces Avenue you have the possibility of knowing several areas of the community and arriving at the City of Arts and Sciences in one of your escapes in Valencia, betting on a 6.66 km long distance route to wear more in shape.

Start today to organize your holidays to share experiences in Valencia that you will never forget and do not wait to go out in the city to practice your sport.

If you want to start the day or end your summer day on the best routes, schedule your relaxing days in good company, starting by doing the routes we recommend one by one. Which of these routes do you prefer to start getting to know the city?

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