Recolección de naranjas

Saturdays among Valencian orange trees

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All about the Saturdays among Valencian orange trees.

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We take you to spend Saturday at a typical Valencian orange farm from 1870. Enjoy nature near Valencia, just 35 km away! Gardens, orange groves, history, citrus cultivation… you will have the opportunity to enter an authentic Valencian orange warehouse and learn to calibrate and select knowing first-hand the current situation of Valencian citrus growing in an unbeatable environment.

An original plan in Valencia is to visit a hundred-year-old orchard belonging to several generations of the same family from Carcaixent, the cradle of the orange. A 1-day proposal in which to walk among fruit trees, taste local products and enjoy the history of the place.

In 1781 the first orange field was planted in Carcaixent, being a success. The weather conditions in the area were excellent, therefore, the oranges obtained in that vintage were of great quality, size and flavour. The commercialization of oranges both nationally and internationally caused great economic growth in the region of La Ribera.

The first generation of our hosts planted their own orchard in the 19th century, the one you are going to visit, and built the house that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Carcaixent is known as La Cuna de la Naranja because they were pioneers in citrus plantations.



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This post is also available in: Français (French) Español (Spanish)

  • Visit to centenary orchard
  • Tasting of Valencian artisan products related to orange
  • Harvest of oranges and tangerines in season (October to June)