Discover the feeling of sleeping with sharks at the Oceanogrofic

Discover the feeling of sleeping with sharks at the Oceanogrofic
Actualización: 19 September, 2023

If you are ready to live the best time of your life and you are a lover of intense adventures, visit the Oceanogrofic of Valencia to discover the experience of sleeping with sharks.

Interesting activities for the whole family in Valencia

Do you want to feel special and close your eyes while sharks sharpen their teeth around you? Now you have a great opportunity to organize your plans in Valencia, including a night with sharks.

Enjoy as a fish in the sea if you dare to sleep in an exceptional environment, spending the night with family, friends, couple and is also advised as an activity with the school.

A very original experience in the largest aquarium that you will find in Europe with the feature of being created behind closed doors and where the possibility of doing this activity and others for children or adults is offered.

The marine world offers you an unforgettable feeling and you can share one of the experiences in Valencia most demanded by tourists.

It's definitely a good option that helps you get out of the usual routines when we go on vacation and nothing, like choosing to sleep with sharks on the Oceanogrofic.

Starting with the reception in the aquarium is carried out an initial activity called gincana, deciphering the different messages previously hidden throughout the tour and subsequently, dinner is held to replenish forces. Then it's time to sleep in this space specially prepared to rest under the gaze of sharks.

Oceanogrofic an unforgettable experience

Remember that any day of the year you can do this activity on one of your getaways in Valencia, upon reservation and at least one week before the chosen day.

From families and groups of the school, to couples prefer this plan during their relaxing days, although the group of people for each group will be 15 people and a capacity of 100 people is planned.

Valencia has these attractions to sleep among sharks when the lights go out on the first day, waking up the second day to taste breakfast at Restaurants Oceans.



Plans in Valencia with sharks!

For those who are not determined what to do in this beautiful city in the City of Arts and Sciences is the most incredible aquarium, where the ecosystems of the marine world are represented.

During the visit you can discover unique aquatic environments, identifying the Temperate and Tropical Seas, Dolphinarium, Mediterranean, among others. With a depth of up to 10.5 meters and 24 million liters of water, an aquarium of outstanding dimensions and spectacular roofs is presented to the public, it also has an access building and underwater restaurant.

Now you can discover up close how the 500 species and 45,000 specimens behave on your Valencia getaways, from sea lions or dolphins, to sharks to sleep with them one night they are made available to all visitors and always with the better access conditions to get to the place.

You will be able to cycle as one of the options in Valencia thanks to the existence of a wide network of stations, allowing the rental of this means of transport for a very different route. Other ways to get to sleep among sharks are buses, car and subway available to everyone.



Enjoy one of the best experiences in Valencia!

Visit the city and book your group to sleep surrounded by sharks with an innovative proposal that you will not find in any other European country.

Choose the day and prepare all your senses to live a special night with all the comforts at your fingertips, performing a different activity that will remain in your memory forever.

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