Discover the best tapas restaurants in Valencia

Discover the best tapas restaurants in Valencia
Actualización: 19 September, 2023
Restaurantes de tapas en Valencia | Experiences Valencia

Share a pleasant atmosphere with friends and family with the best tapas restaurant proposals in Valencia.

Tapas in the most visited restaurants

In Spain it has already become an identity sign to go out to dinner and have a snack with a wine or beer, but where do you go to enjoy the flavors of the City of Arts and Sciences?

Discover in advance the best valued proposals for your getaways in Valencia, we invite you to know the selection of places to go for tapas:

-Bar Ché- Taberna Vasca 
You will find a very interesting homemade option of Basque and Galician tapas that has been imposed in the city since 1933 and is an ideal Valencian jewel to enjoy.

-El Almacén
In the Ruzafa neighborhood you will find one of the experiences in Valencia that all tourists recommend for their rustic cuisine. This tapas bar presents flavors of yesteryear and today, such as: toasts, sweet, hot and cold tapas, in addition to desserts and other typical dishes.

Restaurantes de tapas en Valencia | Experiences Valencia

Restaurantes de tapas en Valencia | Experiences Valencia

-Bar Alhambra
In Valencia discover the most delicious tortillas with specialties made from onion, young garlic, blood sausage or sobrasada, for example. Are you going to miss it?

-Kaña Makan
For lovers of signature cuisine this is the perfect place to share exotic and Mediterranean flavors with very cheap prices, but without losing the quality of these culinary pleasures.

-Taberna La Sénia
Located in the historic center near the Central Market you can enjoy this ideal terrace for your plans in Valencia with the best Mediterranean climate and a corner to taste original portions and tapas with a variety of drinks.

-Casa Montaña
Known as the winery preferred by tourists and locals for dinner and lunch, they have selected an extensive menu of dishes also providing the best service since 1836 with seafood tapas, ham, anchovies, sausages and Mediterranean products that are delights among the restaurants of tapas in Valencia.

-Taberna La Mora
It is essential to visit this place if you travel to Valencia! Discover the variety of tapas and the best wine list with a fusion of flavors chosen by the most demanding palates.

-Taberna Mama racha
Captivate everyone with their group menus and the vermouth that nobody can stop sharing on their terrace to live unforgettable experiences in Valencia.

-Central Bar
Located inside the Central Market, the Valencian chef Ricard Camarena prepares dishes with products from this center, you will enjoy tapas, sandwiches and other delicacies with great taste for its high quality elements.

Restaurantes de tapas en Valencia | Experiences Valencia

Restaurantes de tapas en Valencia | Experiences Valencia

-Restaurant San Nicolás
In the old town this old house offers traditional cuisine where totally fresh products prevail and you can have tapas in the Carmen neighborhood with the most special flavors.

-Coffee & Tapas
It offers reinvented tapas without ever losing the Spanish essence of food, chosen for afterwork with friends.

-Tanto Monta
Getaways in Valencia with the goat cheese montaditos best valued by diners and its extensive list of tapas with different tastes for all palates.

-Bar Boatella
It is already the mandatory stop if you travel to the city and discover the Central Market, mainly because of the rich taste of its tapas and the quality of its products.

-Bar Pilar
Organize your plans in Valencia and try the most famous clochine rations of the city, in addition to their montaditos or tapas.

-Secreter Sala de Estar
Do you know this restaurant with the best tapas offer? Bet on this place in Ciutat Vella and savor this reinvented dish that is proposed with fusion and Mediterranean cuisine.

It's time to have tapas in Valencia with seafood at the best restaurants!

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