Discover the best routes through the orchard of Valencia

Discover the best routes through the orchard of Valencia
Actualización: 19 September, 2023
Rutas por la huerta de Valencia | Experiences Valencia

If you still do not know the wonders that the Huerta de Valencia tourist offers, discover the natural environment that exists next to this city, betting on your vacations for the richness of its orchards that provide endless natural products.

Routes through the beautiful Valencian orchards

The Alboraya City Council proposes visitors to know the landscape of their municipality with a surprising splendor, characteristic of the entire town. You can start with the main options that are the following:

-Route of the Desamparats Game
By bicycle you can carry out this tour that begins and ends at the José Peris Aragó House of Culture, although with a low difficulty in its 2 km compared to other routes. And, with a duration of two hours this itinerary offers you beautiful views of the Carraixet ravine in a very pleasant walk that is still one of the most valued plans in Valencia.

Continuing along this route you will find the town center to discover the decorative facades of the city and you will have information panels that complement the most important elements of this alternative.

-Route of El Camí de les Palmeres
You can already include this option with your departure in the Paseo de Aragón from Ca Roc in Valencia and get to Pont del Moro in an hour with little difficulty. Both by bike, and on horseback, you can enjoy the tour and get to know the Alboraya farmhouses, which keep all their splendor to this day.

By a path that leads to the traditional garden you will better understand how it was lived in the past.

-Route of the Barranc del Carraixet
If we talk about the experiences in Valencia, there is nothing better than choosing this tour that begins in the Barranco de Carraixet and ends after 2 km in the Park and Erix del Peixets.

Visit these environments in an hour and with almost no difficulty because it has the route with a road fully adapted for horses and bikes, appreciating the Barranc del Carraixetes and the Huerta de Valencia.

-Camí del Gaiato route
From the Motor of the Gaiato the journey begins to arrive in 1 hour and a half to the Didactic Barraca with an extension of approximately 1,800 meters and with low difficulty this itinerary is made by a path of great natural beauty.

Rutas por la huerta de Valencia | Experiences Valencia

Rutas por la huerta de Valencia | Experiences Valencia

Getaways in Valencia to discover the garden! Campos and the rumor of water that is concentrated in the many ditches.

This traditional path offers tourists an impressive diversity of scents and variety of colors to never forget the visit to the garden.

As a family, there is nothing better than spending time outdoors doing walks along this much visited route, thanks to its natural landscape that is far from the city and the typical Valencian beaches.

Alboraya a few kilometers from the center is presented as an ideal visit for its location that is quick and easy to return.

-Trail of the educational Barracks
In 1 hour and 30 minutes you will be back to the Didactic Barrack from where this beautiful route has the exit and you can do it by horse or bicycle. Today it is one of the plans in Valencia that thousands of tourists carry out and you can not miss on your vacation.

Here, you will discover two ideal landscapes: the well-known Barranco del Carraixet and its orchard.

Sign up for the best experiences in Valencia choosing any of these routes and live an exciting time discovering the orchard of this region that offers a wide variety of products that are mostly international. Start organizing your tours now!

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