La Paella is the most international typical dish of Valencia

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La Paella is the most international typical dish of Valencia. It receives its name from the container in which it is made; the paella that is a frying pan without handle and that has two lateral handles.

The main ingredient of the paella is rice, cultivated in the extensive vegetable gardens that surround the city, where the orchards that surround La Albufera stand out. A good Valencian paella that boasts, also takes ingredients such as chicken and rabbit, vegetables (green beans and white beans), carob, ground sweet paprika, saffron in strand, natural tomato, olive oil, salt to taste and water.

Rice should always be the so-called rice bomb, and if the paella can be made into wood, much better. In addition there are paellas of many varieties; the paella with seafood, mixed, vegetables, etc.