Discover the active tourism of Valencia

Discover the active tourism of Valencia
Actualización: 19 September, 2023
Turismo activo | Experiences Valencia

The Community has unique natural environments that are considered a privileged point for rest and active tourism in Valencia.

Valencian tourist activities and offers

Near the mountains or next to the beach the city is a treasure that offers nature and adapts to all tastes, because it allows you to carry out several activities to live unforgettable days.

All routes are within reach of the most demanding visitors and allow you to opt for adventure sports or visit the coast, either by kayak or bicycle you can discover the most spectacular natural spaces in your escapades in Valencia.

We tell you some of the main alternatives that you will find if you choose this destination for your rest in any season of the year:

- Snowshoes
During your itinerary in the winter months you can do this practice in the mountains when the snow accumulates, always with the precautions and supervision of the monitors.

-Canyon descent
Do you know how you can descend these surfaces? With the proper climbing technique it is possible to perform this activity by means of a descender and with the corresponding harness that facilitates the journey through the vertical surfaces.

-4x4 routes
You can now choose the routes enjoying the best views in natural environments and live exciting experiences in Valencia, choosing to take these vehicles with four-wheel drive and you also have as an alternative the quad that travel perfectly through more complicated access roads for normal cars .

-Routes on horseback
For lovers of equestrian sport, there are quieter routes if you travel with the family, sharing the landscape in a relaxing environment that you will never forget.

- Boat routes
Walking along the Júcar River you can travel 30 kilometers on a river cruise through the most extraordinary areas of the Community and share a family holiday day.

-Activities and survival workshops
Designed for people who want to learn to live surrounded by nature and may be another of the plans in Valencia that will help you acquire knowledge to survive without artifice. Also workshops held in seminars and schools facilitate learning through internships with many related activities.

Today it is one of the most demanded proposals in the region, you can glide along a rope or steel cable to get from one point to another and all this, always in the best natural adventure circuits.

In your getaways in Valencia this is another of the sports in Mas de Xetà that requires a lot of concentration to succeed and always in an environment surrounded by nature.

-Visits to the caves
In the Valencian Community where the land is mostly formed by calcareous rocks, speleology turns out to be one of the proposals to carry out, with the guides and precautions due.

Active tourism | Experiences Valencia Active tourism | Experiences Valencia [/ caption]

Adrenaline and adventure on land, water and air

Active tourism in Valencia for all ages with the help of experienced monitors that will take you through the interior places and the coast.

Thanks to the privileged climate of this area throughout the year you can choose water activities for canoeing, hydrospeed, kayaking, rafting, canoeing, diving, windsurfing and much more.

If you prefer the terrestrial circuits nothing better than puenting, paintball, zip lines and many other specialties that discover thousands of tourists in their plans in Valencia.

The descent through the rivers flowing by rafting is another adventure during excursions, as well as the balloon flight early in the day to appreciate the beautiful landscapes.

Which of these experiences in Valencia are you willing to live?

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