Discover the Albufera by bike

Discover the Albufera by bike
Actualización: 19 September, 2023
La Albufera en bici | Experiences Valencia

Visit Valencia and get to know the most interesting routes between beaches or rice paddies, enjoying your passion for cycling in Albufera.

How to discover the Albufera by bike?

First, following the special bike lane you can go to this destination on your Valenci getaways a, leaving towards the well-known El Saler motorway. And, continuing along this route you will reach Pinedo, without a doubt a spectacular enclave with its Pinedo Beach.

Remember to keep in mind that the road is paved in some sections and others are dirt, when you are approaching the shore of the beach.

Many visitors agree that it is one of the experiences in Valencia that they will not forget, because arriving at the beautiful town of El Saler you can take a bath in the crystal clear waters of its beaches or stroll along the shore.

At this point there are two alternatives, follow the road adapted for bicycles or continue this section through the interior, you also return by the El Saler road, but the bike path ends abruptly after the roundabout.

La Albufera en bici | Experiences Valencia

La Albufera en bici | Experiences Valencia

Many other plans in Valencia are adapted to give cyclists looking for special enclaves to discover, some offer natural views of great splendor, always with the proper precautions during circulation.

On the road to El Saler after a second roundabout you will arrive at the pier, where the boat ride is another interesting proposal at The Albufera.

El Palmar can be visited to conclude an excursion and enjoy a paella about 10 kilometers when we reach Perellonet, always by bicycle the route is made with a guide receiving all the explanations of the route.

You already have all the possibilities during your plans in Valencia to access from the El Saler highway and reach the natural park by the road that leads to Perelló, you can go by car and public transport. Going through the Gola del Puchol, you will find the path that leads directly to the Information Center of the Natural Park “Racó de l’Olla” 50 km away.

From the tower you can see the landscape and the birds, if you start the route from the Racó de L’Olla car park, it is especially advisable to contact the monitors that explain step by step the route and the ecosystems that you will appreciate during your walk.

La Albufera en bici | Experiences Valencia

La Albufera en bici | Experiences Valencia

In these escapades in Valencia if we continue through La Torre you will enjoy a pine forest that has an observatory and you can see the birds without disturbing the different species.

To return from the Tower only follow the path that leads to the old Stables of this natural park, although it is a simple route it is advisable to follow the recommendations to end the walk and know all the information of the Natural Park “Racó de L'Olla” which is open from Monday to Sunday.

Do not forget your binoculars to discover all the natural beauties and always go silently through this park that proposes 5 routes for bicycle lovers.

On the other hand, El Saler, El Palmar and El Perelló show tourists the best experiences in Valencia with numerous bars and restaurants to taste the typical food. In addition, you can reach the municipal piers, such as: Pujol Nou. Port de Catarroja, Port de El Saler, El Palmar, Silla and Sollana.

Find the ideal place on your vacation and share your best memories with the whole family, choosing from any of these bike routes.

Valencia has la Albufera as a prominent tourist space and recommended by the most demanding tourists to always return in good company and practice your favorite sport.

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