Discover the history of the city of Valencia

Discover the history of the city of Valencia
Actualización: 17 May, 2023
Historia de Valencia | Experiences Valencia

What to see on your vacation days? We especially recommend to tourists and visitors that you like important cities, know the history of Valencia that has interesting details to discover.

History and culture of Valencia

Christians, Moors and Romans have influenced the environment and architecture of Valencia, reflecting the most relevant periods in its history. All the information you expect to find we tell you to be aware of the places to go during your visit.

Nothing better than to begin your plans in Valencia for the ancient city that was founded in the year 138 BC, when the Romans built the Forum in the Plaza de la Almoina located in El Carmen that is in the old town.

Some time later, the Visigoths lived in the region, establishing themselves after the Muslim government and the Romans in 714. The Moors expelled by King Jaime I in 1238 left their mark until today with incredible water systems, recipes and a dignified art. to discover

If we talk about the Renaissance in Valencia, the golden age was during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries when the economy, agriculture and maritime commerce were at their peak.

Visiting the Valencia Cathedral you will understand this time better and live one of your best experiences in Valencia in one of the emblematic buildings, next to the Torres de Serrano , Silk Bag and Torres de Quart.

In the current headquarters of the Government of the Valencian Community there is another example of this Renaissance period, where there is an increase in the works of art and is evident with the construction of the Palau de la Generalitat.

Organize your escapades in Valencia and be sure to visit the Round Square , Basilica of the Virgen de los Desamparados , next to the Museum of Fine Arts San Pío V and the Palacio Marqués from Dos Aguas , you can discover all the creativity of the era of illustration in the Baroque period.

How was modernism in Valencia?

If you prefer the most recent times you have to visit the train station Estació del North so significant in the history of Valencia for its architecture.

Estación del Norte | Experiences Valencia

Estación del Norte | Experiences Valencia

The influence of Gaudí is another detail to take into account differentiating organic forms and art nouveau styles.

Currently numerous buildings are part of the modern era and stand out for their art as train stations, in addition to the Central Market which is the largest in Europe with 1,500 seats and a dimension of 8,000 meters and the Mercado de Colón with all its splendor.

We continue the visit with these plans in Valencia for people who prefer history and the Exhibition Palace is another visit that you cannot forget, also for its modernist architecture The Cabanyal is located at the edge of the beach which is a more formal version of the residential areas of the city.

Historic Valencia recognized for being an extensive and unique capital! If you still have time, the old town is your ideal option with the mentioned buildings and El Carmen as one of the most recommended alternatives for your getaways in Valencia.

Make your routes by bike or walking to know all the details and live experiences in Valencia that will be unforgettable. With all the advantages of enjoying the culture that this land offers you, you have the best cuisine , natural environments and Historic spaces that are an important part of the region.


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