Discover the horchata route

Discover the horchata route
Actualización: 19 September, 2023
Ruta de la horchata | Experiences Valencia

Tradition and natural flavor are the main characteristics that have made unique to horchata in Valencia, thanks to the properties of the chufa grown in Alboraya.

Routes to discover the best horchata

In the municipality of Alboraya agriculture allows to obtain a quality product that has made it the cradle of horchata. Visiting the sites with the greatest agricultural tradition, you will discover how to grow and the benefits of this chufa-based soda.

Choose these routes in your getaways in Valencia , we suggest you understand and learn more about the process of making the delicious drink with so many advantages for your body.

Nothing better than tasting the Valencian horchata on some of these routes:

-Museum of Horchata and Chufa
Inside this museum, the public can discover how the El Machistre farmhouse works and the traditional way of carrying out the procedure that has become the main symbol of Valencian gastronomy.

You can learn this process in one of the most amazing experiences in Valencia, be amazed by its legends and all the curiosities of this drink.

-Horchata Route
Visiting the Alboraya with its farmhouses and barracks that are constructions especially made in the garden, you will know everything about this product, in addition the Horchata Museum is ideal to observe the history behind this flavor. You can start the journey in the “Camí de les Palmeres” by including it in your plans in Valencia that begins with the Alquería de les Palmeres, next to an old laundry of chufas, now turned into a ditch.

Ruta de la horchata | Experiences Valencia

Ruta de la horchata | Experiences Valencia

How is chufa transformed into horchata?

Touring the different fields where chufa is grown is the best way to understand the previous cycle to get the delicious horchata in Valencia. Everything begins in the plantation and later harvesting, finishing in the dryer of chufas.

To inform you the Sequer Lo Blanch tells you all the handling procedure performed in the field and the development phases to obtain a superior quality product.

Another of the perfect alternatives for the getaways in Valencia is to carry out a workshop with your whole family, specially designed to make homemade horchata.

Alboraya already has typical horchaterías that we encourage you to meet and discover new experiences in Valencia recovering the best known places to prepare this soda.

Valencian typical flavors of the garden! Generally, all these processes are carried out through family projects, trying to recover the traditions with chufas fully grown in Alboraya, a place especially recommended to taste horchatas and choose natural environments with the best cuisine.

Any of your plans in Valencia must have this tasting and can not miss the rich homemade fartons.

In environments surrounded by spectacular chufa fields away from the characteristic noise of the city, you can discover a new feeling of rest by performing the horchata routes that are proposed to all visitors.

Today is a good day to start organizing your trip to Valencia and have any of these tours on your itinerary. Discover the benefits of a land with all natural resources and you will be surprised by the flavors that can be found, mainly from the renowned horchata in Valencia.

Organize your holidays and bet on a very tasty route that comes from the cultivated field to obtain a typical product, capable of producing the drink that thousands of tourists enjoy in bars, restaurants and pubs.

Remember that Alboraya is the site chosen by families, both to discover natural environments, and to visit the orchards where the entire horchata process is informed.

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